PBS Teachers Connect

PBS Teachers Screenshot

PBS Teachers Connect provides an online community for educators around the country to collaborate and communicate on the use of digital media in teaching and learning.

Ophthalmology Consultants, Ltd.

Ophthalmology Consultants, Ltd.

The Ophthalmology Consultants, Ltd. corporate website is used to provide helpful information to their customers regarding their doctors, procedures, medical conditions, office directions, and medical forms.

Riverport Levee District

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The Riverport site allows the district managers to maintain businesses within the districts as well as post news articles to their website.

Wine Necessities

Wine Necessities Screenshot

Wine necessities came to us with the need to keep their website up to date. We migrated their existing static site into a CMS allowing them to maintain their own price lists, events, and wine making articles.


Bravolog Screenshot

Bravolog is an online private pilot community. We helped them architect and build the backend server functionality that powers their website.

Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing Screenshot

Perfect Timing is a high-end watch sales company. May Digital continues to help them refine their online store, improving operational efficiencies and page-ranking. We have also helped them integrate with multiple payment gateways to give the customers flexible payment options.


Biotivia Screenshot

Biotivia is an importer and distributor of various bioceuticals. We helped them set up a new online storefront where they can actively manage their products, sales specials, and a customer bonus points program. We also helped them integrate their online store with their fulfillment house to provide hands-free order processing.

Endoscopy Center of St. Louis

Endocenter Screenshot

We helped DDMC update their medical practice website (The Endoscopy Center of St. Louis) with a new website design. We installed their new site on a CMS to allow their staff to maintain the website information themselves. The fresh design and CMS help them better communicate their message to their clients and potential customers.